Sometimes it can be cheaper to stopover midway, so that you can buy two roundtrip tickets for the shorter parts of the journey. Make sure you compare this option carefully with flying directly, as it does involve extra hassle. You want to make sure you save enough on the fare to justify the extra time spent at the stopover airport.

Packages can often give you good deals on travel, so bundle together your flight, hotel and car rental. Some places you can check for package deals include, and

You might also be able to join a frequent traveler discount program. You can find these as loyalty clubs or frequent flyer programs. Check to see if your credit card has a special deal with an airline. Credit cards often form these alliances and then offer free flights as rewards. So every time you use your credit you can gain credits towards a free flight.

If you work for the government, military or a large corporation, then check to see if you can access cheaper flights. Some of these can be used for leisure travel, not just work related journeys.



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