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Ho Chi Minh City travel guide with information on activities and adventures. Guidance on things to do with plenty of travel tips and advice. Find out what you need to see, what you must to do whilst there and what's hot right now. Vietnam is a great place to visit for just about anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Vietnam has a lot of great history, and carries a lot of events which helped shaped the world as we know it today and makes a great trip Vietnam.

Vietnam is located towards the south east of Asia, and holds a population of more than 86 million residents. Vietnam is the 13th most highly populated country in the world. So what are the historical events which took place in Vietnam?

First there was the Battle of Bach Dang River. This is the battle which gave Vietnam its independence from china. After many feuds with the French over the territory, this eventually leads to the famously known event of the Vietnam War.

So what makes Vietnam Unique? Vietnam has many beautiful locations unlike anything else in the world, along with many species of animals which can only be found around that region. Some of these places being;

World's Natural Heritage sites – 2 locations to be precise, Halong Bay, and Phong Nha-ke Bang National Park. Also containing 6 of the world's biosphere reserves. Vietnam containing one of the most highly bio-diverse life forms calling their sources of nature, home. Vietnam also holds more than 28 national parks; this is definitely a place to go if you wish to come face to face with a lot of life forms in which you have never had the chance to experience before.

Vietnam is also a great place to visit if you would like to experience a highly rich beautiful culture. From cultural history, to current culture today Vietnam has many historical and beautiful landmarks unlike any others in the world.

Many of the different cultures in the history of Vietnam religiously are Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, and Roman Catholicism. You will find many of the historical landmarks and structures which can be found all over Vietnam are structured and designed around these religious cultures.

Vietnam has many different tourist programs in which visitors on Vietnam trips can attend to get the fullest educational experience from the community. Such tours consist of boat tours, tourism guides sponsored by hotels and ran by hotel staff, beach based tours, along with much more.

These are just a few of the countless sights which can be seen throughout the wonderfully unique country that is Vietnam. Come and discover this beautiful region, the land of plenty.

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